Ten.Five Hundred & One

1. Wow. 500 already? Approximately? I may be off a day or two on either end. No matter. 

2. Must get the kitchen done today.  

3. “Hey, Love.” Bingo. That’s how you get your 4.8 on Google reviews. What woman doesn’t want a handsome man calling her “Love” first thing in the morning when she orders her bagel?  

4. Also the coffee is really good. Also, the bagel.

5. I said that the temps are low. She tells me she woke up to 16 degrees.  

6. No one has ever really cleaned the surface of these cabinets. I want to not see the dirt. Because if I didn’t see it, then I wouldn’t feel so compelled to clean it. I wish I wasn’t like this sometimes.

7. We go to the dollar store for contact paper but end up with boxes of goldfish and a coloring book too.  

8. Still not even close to being done.  

9. Chianti’s. The best food we’ve had in a week as we’ve maneuvered through suburbs. Barolo and Gorgonzola Chicken. Osso bucco for him. 

10. I decide to power through because I want to make my own coffee in my own kitchen and I just need to be done.  

10.1 I can barely keep my eyes open but there are just three more boxes.  

10.2 The sound of glass shattering against the tile. Need a new coffee maker.  

10.3 Midnight. The pale yellow glow from the light over the stove. Mission completed.