Ten.Five Hundred & Nine

1. Oh yes. This feels good. Awake in the darkness before everyone else. 

2. Oh. Not everyone. He asks me for a fried egg without the yolk. I laugh to myself. A fried egg white. Ok, then.  

3. I think about what else needs to be done before she arrives: a little bit of laundry, vacuum the floors, relax.  

4. But this is one of the few times I’m not a big ball of anxiety having someone come to stay.  

5. I know he still thinks it’s weird how my relationships with people from the internet become a real thing, with me staying in their homes and me offering my home to all of them.

6. Time is passing so slowly.  

7. She asks me about my space. And this is sometimes what you need: someone to come in and show/remind you that you need to make room for yourself. Someone who puts voice to the very things you have been thinking about. And then you realize that it’s not just your imagination. That this is something that needs attention.  

8. I confess that I don’t know what to do. She says I can just be.  

9. Impromptu double blind wine tasting. We both have good taste.

10. The two of them drawing side by side at the kitchen table.  

10.1 Tired, but in a good way. Maybe “Satisfied” is more appropriate.