Ten.Five Hundred & Fourteen

1.  Today.

2. So glad I made them get cereal for breakfast. Also, who doesn’t like a bowl of Kix once in a while?

3. They are so tired.  

4. They can play on the playground before school starts.  

5. She might be one of the few 3rd grade girl who extends her hand out for a shake when introducing herself to another kid. 

6. Displaced. They say it so nonchalantly. It most be normal here. But I hope he can be at the home school with his siblings soon. 

7. Oh, but there really is no hot water coming through this valve. 

8. “Nice house, bad plumbing,” he says slowly with a Japanese accent.  

9. I’m a little early but really it looks like I’m right on time. I’m worried that I’m doing this wrong. I’m worried that they didn’t have a good day. I’m worried that someone will feel forgotten. Here and then there and then back here again. I can do this. I’m crying a little bit in the car.  

10. A car full of happy children. And maybe I’m crying a little bit again.