Ten.Five Hundred & Four

1. Alarm. 

2. Washer and Dryer will be here around 7:30. You know you’re an adult when appliance delivery is the highlight of your week. 

3. I should check to see if they got the fax. I’ll call Monday.

4. The two of us on the sofa by the window trying to squeeze out a bar of service. I just need to order this bunk bed.  

5. I don’t see any more lemons on the ground.

6. So tired. I confirm that there’s nothing else on the agenda today. Back to bed. 

7. He wakes me up for lunch. I go back to bed.  

8. He wakes me up for dinner. I walk into the kitchen and am hit with a wave of nausea. On the couch I go with eyes closed.  

9. This worries me a bit.  

10. They all crawl into the bed to watch Star Wars. I turn on my side and fall fast asleep.