Ten.Five Hundred & Five

1. Up before the alarm. Must find a coffeemaker.

2. Just enough reception to make a quick post and scroll through to look for important emails. How dependent we are for cellular and WiFi service. The plus side is less screen time for everyone.  

3. Make a note to remember that I don’t have to get on Highway 4 to get to Target or Trader Joe’s. 

4. Why are trash cans so hard to find?  

5. The smoke is hanging low like fog. It makes the morning more eery than it needs to be. 

6. I bundle up some twinkle lights and stick them beside her bed.  

7. Laundry.  

8. The rootedness that comes from doing the ordinary.  

9. I should probably go to the store tomorrow. Just get those few little things out of the way before Wednesday.  

10. Still doesn’t feel real.