Ten.Five Hundred & Sixteen

1. Shouldn’t be too surprised he’s up this early.  

2. John Mayer. Live acoustic version of “Why Georgia.” I wish it was “3x5” because the clouds do indeed look like mountains. 

3.  She apologizes for yawning. “It’s okay. It’s early,” I say. “It’s only early when you’re trying to do too much,” she laughs.  

4. We keep telling each other that everyone seems so nice here. I don’t think we’re imagining it.  

5. Cleaning day. The first one with all the kids gone. Once again, the ordinary acts of being root me.  

6. Feist. Beyoncé. KT Tunstall. 

7. Everything is so saturated. I’m okay with this kind of winter. 

8. Duolingo. 

9. But if I were to describe the colors of the leaves, I don’t think I could find the words that would communicate their intensity. 

10. So much beauty everywhere.  

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