Ten.Five Hundred & Eleven

1. I start to worry about what I’m going to do after she leaves. I’m already feeling the ache. The ache of loneliness. 

2. But I remember that this is also good. This is a good feeling. This is what I wanted to happen from me moving here. I know my people are here. She will leave today but others will come in the future. 

3. Where do you feel full? 

4. Hugs all around.  

5. Paperwork. I write the same things over and over again. I don’t have a paystub with our new address. Maybe a bank statement will work? I will call Monday morning. I just need them back in school.  

6. Robin and I catch up for a bit. We share realizations that have set in since our last conversation. Also, I’m really ready for liberated lines again.  

7. Yelling and the sound of water coming out with speed and pressure.  

8. Thank you for being so kind and all but can you do what you need to do in order to stop the water from flooding the kitchen? 

9. So much water this week. There is a metaphor and a lesson in this.  

10. Sun making my legs warm. I don’t even care right now. Because I’m warm. I am in the light. I am light.  

10.1 The root is miscommunication. No one is hearing the same thing. No one is saying the same thing. No one remembers it exactly the same way. How do we lace compassion and forgiveness through the gaps?

10.2 Actually, Napa does sound like a good idea.