Ten.Five Hundred & Eight

1. 5:30.  

2. A little bit of light is peaking through but it’s weak. I remember that the forecast calls for rain.  

3. Scones. Yes, that’s what will be for breakfast today. All this counter space but yet I feel like there’s no room.  

4. We make a list of the dishes and then I find the platters they’ll go in. It’s the first time in a long time that it’s just the 5 of us for a holiday meal. 

5. But we do have a few guests coming. Hosting them will be a treat. Might make things feel a little more normal.  

6. These are white sweet potatoes. That’s why they looked so weird to me in the store. And still a little lumpy. But I’m committing to this working out. Plus, I don’t think you’ll reallly taste a difference once they’re topped with sugar and nuts.  

7. Apple crisp and pound cakes for dessert.  

8. Now I feel the pain in my heels.  

9. If your marriage can survive the assembly of bunk-beds then it’s a good one.  

10. Green.