Ten.Five Hundred & Fifteen

  1. Up before the alarm.

  2. Today is the short day, which I’m kind of dreading but also looking forward to.

  3. The light is slow to come today. The street it filled with fog.

  4. Note to self: use the smaller circle for drop off.

  5. He’s off to Santa Rosa which gives me a good solid chunk of time alone. I dig out the headphones. Wait, first I need to find that elf.

  6. He would probably tell me to leave it alone but I just want to make sure I’ve tried at least one more time. I just want to make sure I’ve tried my best even though my gut tells me that space is what’s needed.

  7. Sadness still.

  8. They say it feels like a Saturday. Yes. This is the bonus of the short day.

  9. Time at the basketball court. Who said we wouldn’t get color or feel the seasons change here? The clouds are just low enough to cover the tops of the hills and obscure the turbines.

  10. There’s a season for everything.