Ten.Five Hundred

1. Sore back.  

2. Three small hot chocolates and a tea while we wait. The lobby is full of business travelers, not families like us.  

3. The first morning I haven’t really seen the sun.  

4. 816. Oh, that’s Joe. He is done with his job in Davis and can deliver in 1.5 hours.  

5. The smoke here is much thicker than where we were up north.  

6. Why are they using flares? 

7. The boxes are coming in, I’m trying to hear for the numbers, and the kids are screaming, and I still don’t know where I want anything to go.  

8. There’s no cell reception. 

9. Pizza again. I can’t find the box with the forks so that I can eat my salad.  

10. Popcorn and wine for dinner. Finally home.