Ten.Four Hundred & Sixty-Five

1. Up before the alarm. It’s so dark but I know it’s almost time. 

2. Can’t stop thinking.  

3. The kitchen is dark and quiet and so clean. This is the best part of the showings.  

4. Sun, glorious sun. Rectangles of it landing on the chalkboard wall and on the floor. It’s the really golden kind of light that emanates on a warm day. This is probably the last of the warm days. 

5. When I return I will need to harvest almost everything.  

6. You can’t not be happy around a happy baby.

7. Sitting on the couch talking life. Watching the light change through the windows. Shadows on the rocking chairs.  

8. Nerves. 

9.  Basin full of water to rinse all the herbs. I managed to grab all of the thyme, a good amount of sage, and all of the oregano. I’ll harvest the rosemary tomorrow. What will I do with this handful of okra? More peppers. Roast them and pack them in oil? Who knows. Just gratitude for the abundance. 

10. Waiting.