Ten.Four Hundred & Sixty-Three

  1. I can’t sleep any longer so I might as well get up.

  2. I hear the XBOX turn on and know it’s one of the boys. This time the oldest. I have to tell him no more Fort Nite videos on YouTube. I really hate this contraption.

  3. Dark, dark, dark. I’ll make the waffle batter and the bacon and then, maybe it would be a good morning for a long walk with a thermos of tea.

  4. It’s still drizzling but the coolness of the air feels good. I wear the obnoxiously yellow rain coat and converse. I should probably upgrade myself to a proper walk/run shoe.

  5. 7 white cranes. The flapping of the ducks’ wings against the water sending ripples everywhere. Goldenrod bent over from the weight of the rain. It’s so quiet.

  6. “Water is not a resource, it is the source of life.”

  7. 6,500 steps in the prevailing weight of gray.

  8. Salted Caramel Pavlova.

  9. Eat the damn fruit. Sunni reminds me to honor my desires, to seek out the pleasures, to stop ignoring what’s gnawing at my heart.

  10. Lists up on lists upon lists.