Ten.Four Hundred & Sixty-Nine

1. I’m stirring. It must be almost time to get up. Yes. It’s 5:16.

2. Fill the water bottle. They will have cereal this morning so that I can make a new menu plan for the week. What will be the easiest to do?

3. I fill the week with chicken dishes, a pot roast, one soup. This should get us through the week with relative ease. Nothing fancy or interesting, just food I know all of us will eat and get full on.

4. Sixteen 6-foot tall trees in front of the neighbor’s driveway. I tell them that this is what we what have done too if we had stayed. Just build a fence with trees. A beautiful, natural border. She asks me how the showings are going. I tell her that we sold it this week. There are smiles and congratulations and good lucks.

5. Holding pattern.

6. We sit down and scroll through to find houses to look at for next weekend. I just hope that we like this particular area in person as much as we do online. I do a little googling. It’s just your standard suburb, safe and with good schools. This is just phase one. Let’s just get ourselves there.

7. The littlest one and I settle in to watch Twilight Zone aka take a nap.

8. I wake up to the sound of the smoke detector going off. Chicken fajitas.

9. We finish the night with “Sing” and bowls of buttered popcorn. Nutritional yeast for me. They don’t know what they’re missing out on. Sleepy-time tea with echinacea and Vitamin C because I can feel an itch at the back of the throat.

10. Crack the window. I love the bite of fall air.