Ten.Four Hundred & Sixty-Eight

1. Frost on the rooftops. This means it’s almost time for morning coffee by the fire.

2. She’s been asking for scones. I set out the ingredients and get to work. Once again reminded that having my hands in dough grounds me.

3. I am washing my hands at the sink and look up to see not one, not two, but five deer. Five of them. The littlest said he saw five deer last week. And now I’ve seen them too. I watch as they disappear into the thicket.

4. The foyer fills with light and I bask in it for just a moment.

5. Straighten the rooms and begin to collect the stager’s accessories.

6. I stop in the Target to see if I can find a sparkling water to replace on a potential buyer took. I walk the aisles and see the Thanksgiving decorations and my eyes begin to tear up. I’ll be gone before Thanksgiving.

7. I go from room to room and collect the rest of the the stager’s accessories and start collecting them on the kitchen island. My eyes begin to water again. It’s just a release of this stress.

8. I walk around the house with Steve from the moving company, telling him what will be going, and what will not, so he can give me an updated quotes. My eyes water again.

9. We finally get to celebrate together.

10. I tell him that I’m not that excited because I’m just tired from all of the anxiety. But I am grateful to be done with this part. Well, almost. We’re not done. We’re in the process of clearing this step.

10.1 I hate to call for favors. I hate to ask for help. I had to ask for so much help during the last move. And the move before that. He reminds me that people want to help. I feel like I don’t do enough to earn the help. What am giving back in return for all of these favors I am requesting? Or maybe this is just the nature of friendship. Maybe in a good and true friendship, there is no keeping score; you give what you have and you lean on one another in different ways.

10.2 I buy a plane ticket for next weekend. It’s time to pick a new home.