Ten.Four Hundred & Seventy-Two

  1. What’s the point of an alarm if you’re always waking up before it goes off?

  2. I open up the door to feel the cool air and stare at the sky. Oh yes, it’s forecasting season. It’s going to be a very clear day today. I wonder if I’ll be able to read the skies in California like I do here.

  3. The sound of owls.

  4. Granola. Smoothies. Coffee. Lots of water.

  5. The way the stalks of corn shimmy in the wind and the sun. That color. What is the name of that color? And how is it that dead things can also be so alive?

  6. Turkey club and butternut squash soup. Chocolate chip cookie in a skillet. There is time for this.

  7. I can indeed change insurance. You know you’re an adult when low deductibles excite you.

  8. I don’t like that this decision is up to me. I’m afraid of making the wrong choice. Why does the easy choice make me so nervous?

  9. A basket full of sweets.

  10. 24 days.