Ten.Four Hundred & Seventy-Seven

  1. Time to get up. 4 am always comes so fast.

  2. Stuff everything back into suitcases, roll it all to the elevator. The parking lot lights flicker on as we make our way to the car.

  3. You always feel like you’re leaving things behind.

  4. I can’t remember the last time I read an issue of Wine Spectator from cover to cover, but I have just done so and I should get back to doing it more often.

  5. How do you say that you’re going home but you’re not really going home? How do you return to a place you are leaving? 19 days. 17 until the movers arrive, should all continue to go as planned.

  6. But I still don’t have a lease.

  7. Surprised by sun and mild temperatures upon our landing. This makes the return much easier.

  8. Go and get the kids. But a hot chocolate from their corner stand. The girls are raising funds for the French patisserie they plan to open up after college.

  9. Pizza for dinner.

  10. She is already planning her move. I figured as much. We’ll get them there some how. Maybe not right away but in a few more years.