Ten.Four Hundred & Seventy-Four

  1. I should just go ahead and wake up.

  2. Another batch of granola so that he’s full before morning soccer. Fixing glasses with black electrical tape because you can’t get in for an appointment for another week.

  3. Find the light.

  4. Tidy up the rooms. Eat popcorn with nutritional yeast as a snack before leaving.

  5. Oh, no. I should have expected this.

  6. I fall asleep in the chair while reading and waiting for someone’s hands to make their way back to my head. This will be worth it. This will be worth it. I won’t ever see her again.

  7. A bubble of anxiety at the base of the belly. How is it already Thursday? How is it already time to go again?

  8. 6 o’clock. Appraiser is coming tomorrow. Add cleaning to the list.

  9. They’re showered and fed and full of m & m’s. I drive them to Naperville to spend the weekend with friends. I feel sad and a little worried but mostly tired. I hug them all and give them kisses. Am I really leaving tomorrow?

  10. At least I’ll come back to a clean home. I forgot to eat dinner.