Ten.Four Hundred & Fifty-Seven

  1. Nag champa. I remember when this was a part of every morning. I should bring this ritual back.

  2. It makes me think of the green house and its white window sills and how the smoke would curl through the kitchen in the pre-dawn light.

  3. Soccer this morning. Must not forget.

  4. I never do these photo-a-day challenges but this might be good for me. Just to get me back to having my camera in my hands every day and for a little bit of inspiration to see things differently.

  5. Solo bike ride on the trail and an episode of “hey, girl,” podcast; the episode with Jerelle from Chocolate for Basil.

  6. All the goldenrod. And the purple flowers. And the white flowers with yellow centers that look like chamomile. I wish I had gardening shears and a basket so I could take cutting back home and fill the windows with them. Next time. Next time I’ll be more prepared.

  7. Tea time. I’ve developed a steady craving for the Yogi detox tea, not because it’s detoxifying, but because the smell and the taste of the blend is so perfect for fall.

  8. I forget that the downside of sharing parts of yourself publicly is that people feel compelled to comment. I know it comes from a place of support. But really, I don’t need another person to tell me to “be patient.” This has been a trying season. It’s not just these past 90 days that I’ve been waiting. We’ve been sitting on a hook since last December. I really have been patient.

  9. Lights on, fireplace on, classical music on. Time to go.

  10. I take the root beer cookies to go. I’ll eat them in bed while watching Schitt’s Creek. I’ll giggle before falling asleep.