Ten.Four Hundred & Eighty-Four

  1. Still so dark but it’s 6:23. I see a text from my mom. They are on their way to Jerusalem.

  2. Contemplating a sunrise walk even though the sky is covered over with thick gray clouds. I make coffee and fill a bowl with cereal and flax milk.

  3. The sound of tape stretching across a box.

  4. I park under the maple and its bouquet of red leaves. The wind is blowing everything around. It’s snowing leaves.

  5. I decide to start from the very beginning. I hear the wisdom that I needed to hear. I think about whether or not I like how Christian this is. I think about the conversations we’ve had in mom’s group about how one’s relationship with God changes shape over time. I am still not sure where I am on the line between belief and disbelief.

  6. But my kind faith doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. And then I see A’Driane’s post.

  7. I take a 2.5 hour nap. I blame it on the weather. And on mental exhaustion.

  8. I am craving time and space to sit and make art. I am packing up a box of Fever Dreams and all I want to think about are the projects for next October.

  9. Haven’t been to Meson Sabika since our first friend date. 2012 Conde de Haro Cava and two bottles of 2009 of Vino Ardanza. “Are we celebrating anything today?” “Friendship.”

  10. He’s putting a pillow in its case. “This is our second to last Sunday in this house.”