Ten.Four Hundred & Seventy-Eight

  1. The quiet is always so good.

  2. Must make a list. The list is long. I will shorten it to what’s really doable today. I have a countdown and am working backwards. What actions today will have me more prepared for tomorrow?

    3. Cereal or granola or oatmeal. He stomps back up the stairs.  

    4. A canopy of trees, clear sunlight, squirrels at the feet. 

    5. Spiced bar nuts and a tiny glass of Vouvray because this might be the last time we get to do this. 

    6. Leftover chicken noodle soup and paper work for lunch.

    7. I should really start packing.  

    8. We got it. And so now there’s a place to shift into. It felt more right than the other one, even though I wanted the view of the rolling hills. But a cul-de-sac and a park and a little bit more grass tipped me over. Plus the house just had good vibes. I felt them when I walked in.  

    9. Relief.  

    10. 16 days.