Ten.Two Hundred & Two

1. Up before the alarm. It's amazing what you can do with an intention and an extra five minutes. 

2.The sound of the shower. How you can hear the voice of water.

3. Scones with a little bit of leftover glaze. I just drink my hot water with lemon, forgetting to make myself a little espresso to start my day. 

4. 7:03 am.

5. I decide that I'm going to use this day as a day of rest because soon, there may be no time to do this.

6. I set the meditation app for 10 minutes. I can't keep my brain quiet but I think the act of just sitting still changed something. 

7. Once I let it go—decide that I have permission to let it go—I feel my whole body relax. Like I added an extra inch between each rib. There is room to breathe. 

8. I rip out "Back to the Land" and think of how my mom calls me her hippy child. Which I think means that I've always had my head a little (lot) in the clouds. That I love simplicity and ease. That I believe in freedom and love for all. That I talk in a way that most people my age don't talk. That I'm all about ideas and possibilities. That at the end of the day, I just want to sit in the woods with my coffee and read and write and grow my own food.

9. I tell him that I'm excited, but also terrified.

10. But I think this is a natural reaction to the big, big dreams coming true.