Ten.Two Hundred & Twelve

1. I turn off the alarm.

2. The light. A pale shade of blue coming in through the slats. No voices but I know they are all awake.

3. It's Sunday but I don't feel like making breakfast today and so they eat cereal and frozen waffles, toast and fruit. 

4. I can't seem to finish my cup of coffee. I keep returning to the pot for a warm-up.

5. I am the first one at the studio. Once inside I remove my coat and start boiling water. I needed this break today. I needed to escape. I needed to be here, in this place that inspires me. 

6. Her space just has good energy. It's some combination of the light, the props, the furniture, the artwork, the openness, the view of the city skyline. 

7. The reporter is sweet and has good questions and I love the tone of her voice. When she looks at you she is really looking at you. 

8. She hands me a bottle of Beaujolais that she picked up from 57th Street Wines. I am so grateful. We will eat together soon.

9. Roasted chicken. Slightly underdone wild rice. Brussel sprouts.

10. He is right, though. We are getting what we wanted. Just let it take how ever long it takes.