Ten.Two Hundred & Three

1. From this spot at the table I can see the morning arrive. Saturated colors stacked behind the silhouettes of rooftops. 

2. Even though I'm trying to cut out gluten again, I decide on drop biscuits. I halve the recipe because 6 cups sounds like too many drop biscuits for the five of us.

3. They are buttery and pillowy with just enough chew. But they needed a tad more salt in the dough. Or perhaps a honey butter. 

4. More laundry.

5. I let her know that I'm not ghosting. It's just that something has come up and it has taken over whatever little bit of vacant space was there. 

6. Imagining the conversations that need to be had. I am still a little afraid. 

7. I really need to take down this Christmas tree. It's dead and droopy, the slightest touch sends 1000 needles to the floor. 

8. Pinot Noir with the pork. I think I'll use the leftover pork for pho.

9. I can't tell what's real and what's not.

10. I guess, maybe I should just start small. First, take down the garland. Then remove the branches tucked away on window sills and atop the wine rack. Pack up the snowman cookie jar? Yes. Little bites at a time. Sometimes this is the best approach.