Ten.Two Hundred & Ten

1. It's warm and so the heat isn't blowing which means that it really is so very quiet.

2. There should be sun today. I can see a little sliver of emerald green. I will never get over sunrises.

3. Today is the day we launch Black Food & Bev. So much work. So much fun. So much gratitude.

4. I look up and realize that I have only one more hour before the kids are out of school. Half-day. No work done. Nothing that I needed to actually do today is getting done.

5. This leftover soup with extra cilantro. Trying to stay fed. Trying to stay full.

6. The way doubt and fear move through your body and settle in at the base of your neck. A gentle choking.

7. Where is my faith?

8. The color of sunset. Purple and blue and pink and orange. Deep breath.

9.  We vent to one another in the kitchen while he eats the rest of his ice cream and I wipe down the counters. Remembering that we are both doing this together.

10. Where is my faith?