Ten.Two Hundred & One

1. I hear the crash of glass from the recycling truck and remember that I forgot to take the trash out last night. I rush to get my coat and boots and drag the container to the curb just in time. 

2. I can see the colors beginning to form in the sky. This means that it will be sunny today. 

3. When you are up before the first light begins you learn how to tell the weather based on the shape of dawn. It reminds me of that time we were out in the vineyards shooting with Adam—at sunrise—and how he said he could forecast the beauty of that day's sunset based on the color and cloud formation of the morning sky. 

4. I am still thinking about darkness. About the journey into the unknown. What I will name this period once it is over. 

6. In between sips of coffee it's laundry, bathrooms, vacuuming. It's putting it back together again just enough for me to be comfortable with it all coming undone.

7. The dentist.

8. I think I am going to go back to decaf. I don't like this latest sleep pattern since the reintroduction of caffeine. 

9. The irony is that I'm reading a book about focus, about deep work, and I am reaching for my phone more and more. Because right now my way of avoiding is by choosing this form of distraction. Because I know there is heavy and hard work ahead.

10. I'm returning to the vision. Remembering the light. It's time to unload, re-evaluate, and invite in.