Ten.Two Hundred & Fourteen

1. I am always running tot he store at 5:30 in the morning. But I do like this time best. There is hardly ever anyone here. 

2. I return with muffin mix to make a quick breakfast. Lately my mind has been too preoccupied with other things to do a proper meal plan. 

3. But what am I doing?

4. She talks about how she learned the hustle from her father. How she learned that you can always figure out how to do what you want to do.

5. I finally get to see her face on the screen. "Less than 90 days. Can you believe it?!" I think about how this particular dream has been over a year in the making. How we have so much more to do. How I am so excited for it all. 

6. There is nothing for dinner. I go back out to grab chicken breasts, pasta, and capers. And ice cream. 

7. I sit and think about what I want to say to the women tonight for our liberated lines call. There is always so much. Sometimes too much. I hope it comes out in a way that makes sense. I hope they are getting what they need. 

8. Cold tea. 

9. There is still so much to do before Thursday. I just want it to be done already.

10. She asks me how she can help. I tell her that I just need one more heart to pull this desire into solid form soon. I'm just ready for an answer.