Ten.Two Hundred & Five

1. I think I will make them muffins today. Just a plain one topped with cinnamon and sugar. 

2. The sky is still so muted. The rains are coming. 

3. I make my way to meet her in Oak Park at our usual spot. The food is just regular, but I love the way the light comes through the window. 

4. Their conversation on technology. His story about how the Amish decide what technologies to adapt and what to leave behind. Two questions: Does this add value to my family? Does this add value to my community? These are good questions of discernment for any decision.

5. Yes, the food is regular but I the light is amazing. As I watch her talk I keep wishing I had my camera to capture her in those moments between her sips of coffee.

6. How to Survive the End of the World.

7. I forgot my grocery list. 

8. I think I figured out the ingredients to a productive writing session: 10 minutes of meditation, a closed door, and '90s alternative blasting in my ear drums. I write better when I'm dancing.

9. How do you write a freaking resume, any way? How do women do it? How do we try to re-enter the traditional system after such a non-traditional way of being? How do you prove that you can do the things you've never done before simply because you believe you can? Who am I really trying to convince?

10. At least they are both done. I couldn't manage to fit in the quote where he says that women will be your greatest allies. I think I might have raised my hand like they do in church in when they say, "amen."