Ten.Two Hundred & Fifteen

1. I first find the moon. 

2. I can see it from the back door, bits of it peeking through the clouds. White and glowing against the black night sky. 

3. I hear the footsteps of something else crunching through the frosty grass and turn around and run. 

4. At the top of the page: WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE FIRST? I write three things. Yes, let's just get through the first three things. 

5. It always takes more time than you think it will. It takes me a whole hour to get through their rooms, sorting and throwing away. 

6. An American Girl doll with half of its hair cut off. Remembering that children do these kinds of things. Recognizing that I'm still disappointed. 

7. The sun is out. I take a moment to lay down and rest. It's so amazing to me how a busy mind makes a whole a body tired.

8. Homemade pizza dough. Dinner is a little late but I needed to make something by hand.

9. Disconnected.

10. It always takes more time.