Ten.One Hundred & Ninety

1. Dark. Somehow darker than usual.

2. This is the last Saturday before we return to school. Back to the normal routine. These two weeks have gone by fast and yet so slow. There's a part of me that will miss the looseness of these days.

3. Scones. Same Jamie Oliver recipe except without the blueberries and a cinnamon glaze instead of lemon. I shred frozen butter for these and the texture is divine.

4. Hot coffee plus fire plus words.

5. I find myself wanting to write about the things I said I no longer wanted to write about and I think about what that means for my own life as a writer. I writing is a study of my own interior, then to what and to whom and I really saying "no?"

6. I am here but nervous. But excited. Trying something new. 

7. This requires letting go which is something I'm not that great at. It also requires a certain level of comfort with and about one's body; perhaps this is something that will develop over time. But the awkwardness of doing a new thing is a welcomed feeling today. I am so tired.

8. Two Rieslings: one from Alsace and one from Mosel. 

9. The box is filled with dried flowers, the colors of which make me want to cry. I am so lucky to know her.

10. I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow.