Ten.One Hundred & Eighty-Six

1. The color in between the yellow and the green is the color of the skin of a good lime. 

2. Their outdoor lights are still on, turning the white snow a very pale shade of blue. 

3. Leftover bagels for breakfast. Because, yes, today is also about Ease. Maybe every day is about Ease. I still love the tagline for Apiece Apart: Cultivated Ease. Yes. I want Cultivated Ease.

4. It's so cold that my face hurts. No one wants to shop for groceries in -13 degrees. But it is quiet. And the thing about temperatures this cold is that it often makes for a very bright and clear day. Still so blessed by the sun.

5. Three deer run through the back yard. They are still here.

6. Website finally done. And I am not sure that it will make much of a difference but at least, for now, it does feel more like me. 

7. They moved from Washington state to here. I wonder how they're holding up in this cold.

8. In one month I'll be in Santa Cruz. That's what I keep telling myself as I watch the temperature hover around 3 degrees.

9. Sometimes it's just more motivating when you think someone doesn't believe in you. 

10. I sit with the towel wrapped around my head, trying to let the oils sink in. What will be different about tomorrow?