Ten.One Hundred & Eighty-Nine

1. Emerald green in the sky.

2. Hot water with lemon. Thinking about what to serve for next week's soup night. 

3. There's that little bubble of doubt that begins to surface when getting closer to your dream mean giving up something that you already have and love. 

4. I stick my feet right up against the fireplace while I read. There is no getting away from the cold.

5. Laundry and The Others.

6. Lobster bisque, apple and manchego salad, glass of Shaya 2016 Verdejo from Rueda. I don't think I've had much Verdejo. I need to add it to my list of summer whites.

7. I think back to earlier this morning when I was fixing her ponytail. How I asked her to turn her body, por favor. "What does that mean?" Please, in Spanish. I guess I should say, s'il vous plait. We need to get back to studying our French. "I know." 

8. We lay in bed, three of us, snuggled up beneath the covers. He and I close our eyes while the little one watches Jurassic Park for maybe the 100th or 200th time. It's a sweet and quiet moment. 

9. Vouvray with honey and lemon chicken. Also making sure I drink more of this next summer. 

10. I keep thinking about 33 and what I want it to look like. How I'm ready to grow up a little bit even though I don't exactly know what that means.