Ten.One Hundred & Eighty-Five

1. The first light of day. Negative 11 degrees.

2. I start the coffee and then make a bagel run. Because sometimes it's just easier on a morning like this to not have to think about anything. 

3. I am still the only one awake.

4. Each one is still is their clothes from the night before.

5. I take my coffee back up to bed, journal and pen in hand. Twilight Zone marathon before falling asleep.

6. My little world here is so quiet.

7. I feel like I accomplished nothing. But maybe that was what I needed—to do nothing. What was there to accomplish any way?

8. French.

9. But the year is here and there is so much to be excited about. I don't always love the energy and the expectation we place upon the start of a new year but there is still some feeling of expansive possibility that is there.

10. In the end, what am I going to be committed to?