Ten.One Hundred & Eighty-Eight

1. I don't know how so many people miss the sunrise. It's the most forgiving time of day. 

2. The scent of the oranges as I curl away the peel.

3. This sweater and its vibes. He tells me I look like I belong on a mountain somewhere and I say, "yeah. Like one of those mountains in California that Adam is always on."

4. But there's this call back to my writing roots. We talked yesterday of accountability. What is it that wants to be written? 

5. There is so much. 

6. I twist my neck to catch a glimpse of the old house. I know that it's their Subaru parked in front. The base of the porch column is still falling apart, as are the steps to the deck. I still miss it. 

7. We talk in her foyer for 45 minutes. I still miss her too. 

8. I remember now why I never come to Barnes & Noble to shop but it's the closest book store to me and, honestly, there's no romance in shopping on Amazon. I use leftover Christmas money to buy The Cooking Gene and three magazines: Darling, Fast Company, and Click.

9. Chicken tacos, guacamole, and a game of War. 

10. I have letters to write.