1. I can tell the seasons are changing. The low light and the coolness outside of the sheets. I let myself lay for just a little longer while I run through the refrigerator contents in my head.

2. I step out onto the back stoop and the cool air blows against my bare leg and even though I really just came down to preheat the oven I am transfixed by the shifting location of the sunrise.

3. Cinnamon and sugar croissants. 

4. The gladiolas are drying out and I don't want to replace them just yet. Sometimes I'm not good at letting things go.

5. I've listened to this episode with Marie Howe six or seven times now and it never loses its enchantment. I love the tone of her voice and the way she speaks of family. And that poem about Mary Magdalene makes me hold my breath every time.  

6. These morning with them. How they reconstitute my spirit. I've missed these women and their hearts and am so grateful for our reunification this season.

7. All of the laundry. I make myself some tea and turn on Bleak House. This sometime doesn't feel like enough.

8. Taco Tuesday. Beef. Homemade tortilla chips.

9. I'm getting back into the habit of lighting candles at dinner again. I like the little flickers of light and the way it makes this very ordinary day a little more beautiful. 

10. Tomorrow makes 7 days until New Hampshire.