1. I wake up several times throughout the night because I can't differentiate the noises.  

2. This time I wake up to the sound of rain.  

3. The light in the screened in porch is...I can't describe it. But I sit here at the table and write. The sun is coming up but the clouds are too thick for me to appreciate a proper sunrise and instead I look for strips of pale yellow on water. 

4. I walk to breakfast with another cabin mate. She's Scottish and delightful and she's been so helpful.  

5. We complain about having to wait until 7 for coffee.  

6. I'm so nervous when we start. I'm pretty sure they can hear the shaking in my voice.  But this is a kind crowd.  

7. I make them listen to The Gate and then write the 10 things. We do the 10 things twice which means that by the end of today I will have written 30 things. I could write so many more.  

8. The day is long and I am drained, but in a way that feels good. This is the right kind of tired. The kind of tired you feel from doing the work that feeds your soul.  

9. I really wanted to make a spoon today.

10. The loons.