1. I'm rather in love with the turquoise color of this weathered table. I will miss writing with this view. 

2. I get it. I get why people come here again and again and again.  

3. I woke up to rain again and it is the most soothing sound.  

4. I didn't realize how much I would be moved by the ripples in the water, watching it run against the rocks and bubble up under the docks. It's medicine.  

5. So many faces and so many names. This morning my headache keeps me from being able to hold very much.  

6. She drives me to the cabin where Em is, and though Em is not there, she finds some peppermint oil and tenderly rubs it into the nape of my neck, my temples, over my eyebrows.  

7. I am always afraid that I am not doing this right.  

8. All day people I don't know come up to me and tell me all the beautiful things they've heard about my workshop. You would think that would have soothed my worries. 

9. She lets me dig through her box of beads and bits to take home to my daughter. I grab almost all of the brass crosses—not for my daughter but for myself. I am not much into iconography or crosses but today I am drawn to them and I so pluck them out, one by one.

10. Giavanni. I need to keep in touch with her. She is truth and she radiates so much power and wisdom. Tonight she leads us into some music and movement and I am doing things I've never done before. What a weekend of firsts.