1. The coolness of the morning still catches me off guard. Every day feels new again. And I guess that's a good thing.  

2. I make a batch of plain granola and top it with pecans and dried cranberries and fresh blueberries. Settle on making a large pot of coffee. There are two birthday parties today.  

3. The strangeness of familiar faces.  

4. I head to the consignment shop and try on 5 pairs of jeans and only one manages to slide comfortably over my thighs. I go back and get 5 more, this time in the next size up. I buy 3 pairs in total.  

5. She asks me if everyone where I live now is more normal. I don't really know what she means by this. 

6. I gather a few more poetry and writing books. Find a selection in Women Who Run With the Wolves that illustrates one of my points perfectly. There are so many things this book illustrates perfectly.  

7. The second party is more tame. I eat some mac and cheese and watch the reporters on MSNBC talk about Irma. Her husband is down there to work on the power lines. I think of Mr. Claude.  

8. I'm too full from life today to eat my dinner and just clean and take a long shower instead.  

9. Back to 7:30 bed time for the kids.  

10. "...the body is a living record of life given, life taken, life hoped for, life healed."