1. Up early. Earlier than usual because he's flying north today.  

2. The way another 30 minutes makes the morning feel wide.  

3. The sky is pastel shades of blue and pink. It's harder to capture the sunrise as the seasons change. So much shifting.  

4. Tuesdays with them are what get me through the week.  

5. I stop and get a few last minute essentials: travel-sized toiletries, post-it notes, a few fresh t-shirts.  

6. I trust that whatever needs to get done today will get done.  

7. I'm nervous about getting to the airport on time. My flight is so early and I'm doing this alone and it's interesting to me how this feeling—fear—of being alone is so clearly different from the feeling of solitude I desire. 

8. All of this makes me feel childish.  

9. I make one-pot beef stroganoff for dinner and make them take showers, give her two french braids, and continue to rewrite my notes. I keep rewriting my notes. I realize that I forgot to buy a flashlight and bug spray. 

10. I will get less than 3 hours of sleep tonight.