1. Boarding group A-50  

2. I lay in bed just a little while longer. The fog is so thick and milky this morning.  

3. I get dressed and take my journal out to the dock and sit in the fog. The water is so still and flat, reflecting the trees that line the water's edge.  

4. I'm not ready to go.

5. Back in my room I watch another episode of Bleak House.  

6. Camille, Giavanni, and Michelle sit at my breakfast table and we talk big dreams and nurturing children's creativity and inspiration. 

7. I'm not ready to go back home yet.  

8. How will I carry all of this with me? 

9. We sit and eat a salad with peas and prosciutto and chicken and a homemade Dijon dressing. I love that I get to end my trip here, in her home, drinking tea on her sofa and catching up on life. 

10. I should really go to sleep.