1. Inky skies.

2. I don't want to make breakfast today so I hop in the car for a donut run. I can see the golden light of sunrise in my rear view mirror.

3. There's an old farm house on Wolf's Crossing, just outside the neighborhood, where they have cows and a big white barn, and this morning I watched as the fog rose up off the little pond.

4. Apple Spice donut with a big cup of coffee.

5. Love yourself.

6. If I sit in the sun I'm not as cold. While I'm on the front stoop I fill up three pages. I write out all the stories that came up for me, decide what is true, what is false, what is the new story I want to tell. 

7. Aromatics. Ginger, onion, garlic, star anise. 

8. Today has been so slow and so quiet. 

9. We pile into the bed and watch the 1967 version of Dr. Doolittle. I'm surprised by how much the kids like it. I keep falling asleep. The warmth of their bodies and their laughter and just all of this. 

10. Love yourself.