1. I left some of the windows open last night and wake up to the thin and cool air. I like this kind of air best. 

2. It's Friday and my spirit feels renewed. I wish I could bottle it up.  

3. I sit on the front stoop and write my morning pages. There is the faint sound of a saw, the low rumble of trucks, and I think I hear a few golf ball pings.  

4. Meal plan. This has become my least favorite task and I'm working hard to infuse it with excitement again. New and old things that will bring me joy: broccoli gratin, ginger beef and noodle soup, chicken pot pie.  

5. We head out for a lunch date and return home disappointed. I'm spoiled.  

6. Love Yourself.  

7. Love Yourself.  

8. I think of all the times I doubt my own abilities.  

9. I was chosen. I am happy. Full. He apologizes for being a buzzkill. For not letting me enjoy the bliss of that moment. I know I'll figure out how to get there. I can figure things out. This is the new story I'm choosing to tell.  

10. The late evening sky is cloudless. The colors are rich: indigo on top of orange-gold on top of red-orange. It