1. I wake up on time today.

2. The sky this morning—I'm running out of words to describe it. 

3. I realize that I am sore from last night's dancing. I miss this kind of soreness. It makes me think back to the evening she and I walked back home from the Target and she commented on how nice of a walk it was and I said that I hadn't walked since we moved. That it had been hard for me to find the beauty. That I missed the gigantic oaks and the stately homes and the crooked brick. But my mind and my body could use those walks again.

4. I am grateful for the soreness. 

5. I drink tea and read and watch a bad horror movie today. It feels like a whole day wasted. A luxury. A luxury and also my preferred method of procrastinating. 

6. A half-moon chalked into the clear blue sky. 

7. So much paper work that I keep forgetting to do.

8. The goldeness of this late afternoon light and how it mesmerizes me each and every time. I hope this kind of simple wonderment never goes away.

9.  This headache will not go away.

10. Windows open. Noise from the cars on 34 and Wolf's Crossing. Wolf's Crossing. Bluegrass Parkway. Fox Bend. I exist here, pieced together with the land and its animals, the waters and the sky.