1. She's out by the tree grazing. Looks up at me when I slip through the glass door. 

2. I sit on the stoop and watch her tiptoe through the tall grass.  

3. Coffee is extra hot.  

4. The sounds of mowers and trimmers and saws this morning.  

5. Expanding into new ways of being require the creation of new boundaries.  Right now they are pencil-thin.

6. The things I always forget: cilantro and extra tomatoes.  

7. The way they are all in my bed, folded over one another, blankets on top of them. One is asleep.  

8. How the heart stops when you drive around the bend and see the city skyline. Always. As if I'm seeing it for the first time, over and over again. 

9. Rose water marshmallows.  

10. Yes, I do belong here.