1. The coolness of this morning. Sweater weather in August. 

2. The skies are gray and moody and this donut shop is always full. Two old fashioned; one caramel; a vanilla longjohn with sprinkles; and a cinnamon roll.  

3. Coffee in the cappuccino cup. I like it because it's white and fills the hand.  

4. This test. 

5. Slowly through the isles searching for Syrah and Gamay. 

6. The wind today. It keeps blowing open my sweater and creeping up my ankles.  

7. Fox. So lean and with a thick, slick coat, pausing before he trotted off into the tall grass.

8. This test. This test.  

9. The young deer, grazing by the trees at the foot of the berm. 

10. I trust myself.