1. The tomatoes are stalling. I think the night time temps are getting too cool. 

2. Still in my pajamas.  

3. This morning feels softer than the others.

4. I sit down and get over myself and just write it out. Sometimes it's just so much easier to just say the thing and get it out. 

5. I pick a Soave for lunch.  

6. It's almost too cold to sit on the patio. But there's a pergola and it's covered in vines and I think that maybe he brought me here because he was trying to feed me. 

7. Stillness.  

8. I like it when they get in the car and there are smiles. The energy is just so different and it's easier to breathe. But I'm still glad it's Thursday and that this week is almost over. 

9. I'm still not convinced.  

10. All this newness.