1. 4:38 am.

2. The Safeway on Jefferson Street is open 24 hours a day. We fill the cart with kombucha and water and smoked almonds; sign up with our email address to get the discounts and pay with gift cards.

3. The sun is just beginning to rise as we leave the grocery store. 

4. English muffin. Double toasted. Butter and blackberry jam on the side.

5. I ask him if I can have the recipe for the granola. He takes my email address and says he'll leave it for the pastry chef. 

6. We look at the app and see if we can find some open houses for Sunday.

7. How I wanted to say to him, "Thank you for telling the truth about what was done to the Native Americans here."

8. This place. The water and the cabins and the bells. How I know this will change everything. Jennette and me, 14 other women, fever dreaming. 

9. It's going to happen. This is everything. The designer - talking to her about brass clips and stemware, her writer friends, and her favorite clients. Overhearing a bit of a conversation and walking out of there, mouth coated in zinfandel, with smiles, and a real estate agent.

10. One order of canolis.