1. I'm always worried that the sound of the kettle will wake them all up. But she comes down right after me anyway, pink and white pajama pants with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. 

2. I convince her that it was all a dream.  

3. Butterfly. Black and that crazy bright blue.

4. Buying sneakers for three kids at the same time. Everyone is surprisingly patient.  

5. I like this whole reading by the pool thing. Next time I will bring a hat to shield my eyes from the sun. Should be easier to nap that way. 

6. The feeling of being stretched across cool cotton.  

7. There is not enough time.  

8. I am better today. 

9. The deer are back. They are mesmerizing. I am always stopping to watch them graze or lay down or bound into the thickest of the grasses. 

10. One sleep until California.