1. I push snooze on the alarm and wait a little bit longer. I am still so tired.  

2. Clean the counters off. Make the lunches. Bag the snacks. Everyone is still sleeping.  

3. No deer.  

4. Iced chai with my best friend as we walk down to the park by the water's edge. I've never been here before. I think this could be a new writing place. The water is high and this brings me a sense of comfort.  

5. I stroll the stacks of the library: one cook book, one book on business, one novel.  

6. Squam is less than a month away. Anxiety is rising. I'll be flying alone. Traveling alone. Conducting my workshop alone. But I can do this.

7.  Afterall, I do like to be alone. 

8. Chicken tortilla soup on a Friday. It's still summer but so breezy. Hints of fall. I can't wait for the turning of the leaves and open-window-weather.  

9. Not entirely sure what is holding me back. Scratch that. Not entirely sure why I am holding myself back.  

10. Wine by the fire pit. Grateful for neighbors like these who want to share sunsets and lives with you. A gentle ending to an emotionally draining week.