1. Heavy and low skies. Us and the runners. The second-to-last morning here.

2. Coffee again at Mini Model Bakery. I make him be the Instagram husband and have him take a picture of me between the vines.

3. The curvy roads back over to Sonoma for breakfast at Fremont Diner. Shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles. 3 cups of coffee. I buy a mug. It's the sink full of green leaves and the teal backless stools that I love. 

4. Sandwiches and a bottle of wine while we overlook the valley. Karman has been working here for as long as I've been coming to Napa. 7 years, he says. You should totally move here, he says. We know.

5. Open houses. They all point us to Browns Valley and Alta Heights.

6. The agent we met yesterday sends over a file and sets us up in a porthole. 

7. You're moving there?! No, not yet. But it feels like it's gonna happen soon. 

8. Back in St. Helena at the winemaker's house. He tells us all the people he knows. We drink through three different wines. I think I now need to go to Mexico City. 

9. How is any of this happening?

10. This is really happening.