1. Emotion hangover. Making me sleep in.  

2. The sky is still dense and gray, but as a little bit of the light seeps through, I count the new tomatoes. Eight in all. Tiny, green, firm.  

3. He said to me, last night, that I don't like when people take my dreams away from me. And that coming home was like reality snatching back every dream I'd been living over those past 4 days. 

4. I love the color of this mug. Just off-white enough to shift my color story.  

5. Three lunches and 3 snacks. Breakfast. Need to also buy 6 tab dividers with pockets. 

6. I really need to get my new glasses. Maybe then I'll be able to see again.  

7. I failed.  

8. I don't really want to talk to anyone so I sit in the car until the very last minute. Then avoid eye contact and look low to meet the gazes of only my own children. I know that I am in hiding.

9. The blackberries are big and ripe and juicy. Let this, too, be a metaphor for life. 

10. For just a moment the sun made the bottoms of the clouds glow highlighter orange and I think I'm going to be ok.